How do Lads and Lasses, Owz it ga’an? Are we all enjoying the weather??… I have turned into one of those Cumbrians I just wanna slap roond the fyace

I spend all winter whinging about the weather and how I hate the rain, and I spend the summer whinging about the lack of the sun… but not this week.. oh no, I have become ‘that’ person. I. am. Melting. My skin is pink, my migraines are making me blind and I can’t sleep coz I’m sweating all ower my Lad. I want, no, I NEED shade, a big fat Thunderstorm to clear the air and a chance for my sensitive skin to have a break…. I’m wearing layers of factor 100 like it’s a wooley coat! On the plus side, my head has been in an amazing place, there’s nowt like a bit of Vitamin D to keep the demons at bay!

This month has been amazing, I feel like I’ve found my get up and go in a huge way, I’ve been wedding planning, visiting places in and around Cumbria that I love and I’ve been putting my brain to use over some massive debates!

My favourite debate this year…. CANNABIS!

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The cannabis farm that supplies Lakeland CBD

It absolutely brok my heart to see Billy Caldwells mum fighting to get her son medicinal marijuana to save his life, and my god, the whole story has sparked some blinding debates in our house.

I learned that a Cannabis Company had launched in Cumbria called Lakeland CBD so I went down to the shop in Atlas Works in Denton Holme in Carlisle to find out what the crack was….

I’ll be honest, I expected a grungy dark room with Snoop playing in the background and posters of Bob Marley on the wall… but it was quite the opposite… I was greeted by two smiley blokes, a nice clean waiting area and I was promptly offered a brew… the way to every Cumbrian Lasses heart….

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Chris and Luke, Directors of Lakeland CBD

Turns out the two smiley blokes were the Directors of the company, Luke and Chris. (There is another director, Nic Hewitt but she was out) We sat down over a cuppa and chowed the fat.

I couldn’t hold my own watter……

“Is this all legal? Really?”

Both of them laughed and said “Yes” Luke explained that Cannabis is made up of several components but the 2 most well known were CBD and THC.

“THC is the bit that gets you stoned and CBD doesn’t, but when you put CBD into your body it opens up something called the Endo-Cannabinoid system (which apparently all of us have) and it helps your body to improve its health and wellbeing from the inside out”

Hmmmm, it sounded very hippy dippy, I explained to them both my battle with mental health and asked if it would help me… and this is where it got complicated….

Apparently these guys sell CBD products as a food supplement so they cant give me any medical advice…..………..errrrrr wha???

Chris told me that the MHRA – the Medicines and Healthcare Regulatory Agency don’t currently recognise CBD as having medicinal properties, so companies in the UK can sell it as a food supplement, a bit like selling vitamins or homeopathic stuff…. But not a medicine.

So they’re bound by UK Law, and have to comply, fair play to them.

Luke then showed me the oil, and it is definitely not what I expected. Its like black treacle substance… I expected olive oil type stuff… but apparently not, apparently the runnier oils are because the CBD is mixed with a carrier oil like coconut oil but theirs isn’t, its purely CBD and honey for flavour….. he put some on a bit of chocolate and told me to eat it… welllllll taste sensation. The only way I can describe it is like an earthy marmite flavour. Nice.

Luke said I would have to start on one drop three times a day and increase my dosage week by week until I had found the right amount for my body… it’s a natural substance that works with your body naturally… so there’s no exact science for it. It comes in different strengths 300mg & 600mg and would always start on the lowest dose and build up.

“So, what made you start a CBD company?” I asked,

Well, me and Chris have always been cannabis advocates, but Chris’s fiance Nic (the other director) has had a real battle with mental health problems, a bit like yourself” – turns out Nic has the same diagnosis as me, bipolar and BPD “and she had come to the end of her tether, she was honestly ready to give it all up and take her own life, and she came across CBD oil, she started using it, and it turned everything round for her. One night we all met up, as we do as friends, and we got talking about it, and it turned out that all 3 of us were using it, but we just hadn’t mentioned it to each other. The conversation got round to how complicated it was to buy online, you don’t know what you’re buying or if its the real deal. There’s companies online selling what you call “snake oil” and its fake and it can do some serious damage. So Nic looked into it, and the next time we met up she asked if I wanted to start our own company, selling CBD products and I agreed it was a great idea. But our emphasis is was not just becoming a company, but helping others like we have been helped, and be a trusted source…. we all take our own oil, we all know what it does for us… we wouldn’t give stuff to our friends and families that would potentially harm them, or get them arrested or in trouble. we stand by our products. Luke explained

I asked them if they were pro legalisation and I got a resounding “YEAH” from them both.

Chris said “ There are too many cases around the world of where Cannabis has played a part in helping someone with conditions and diseases, we have customers who use it for various reasons, and all of our feedback has been positive”

So do you see a day when cannabis is legal in the UK?

Again, a resounding yes…..

Their collective opinion is that medicinal cannabis will be legalised soon, and I agree, the government can’t not legalise it, when theres kids like Billy Caldwell who need it to survive, and there wont be just Billy, there will be hundreds of folk who could use is and live better lives and if it was something that could help my mental health, then I’d be all ovver it.

Chris said something that really resonated with me,

“We don’t just want to sell products, we want to build a community, we want people to come and see us, talk to us. We want to have networking meetings, and CBD users meetings, we’re not just in it for the business, CBD has changed mine and our teams lives and we want to share that….. we want to improve the lives of our fellow Cumbrians”………. it brought a tear to my eye.

I really did have a dead good crack with them both, and they obviously have done their research and know what they’re talking about. You can hear the passion from them both, they really do want to change the world and they’re starting with Cumbria…. What a damn good place to start!

So with my little bottle in hand, I came away in awe of them, they’re taking what is really a taboo subject, turning it on its head and trying to break down the stigma around it so they can help people….and as someone who wants to use it for mental health conditions, then listening to how Nic felt really has given me hope…. she turned everything around. fingers crossed it works for me…

Not all heroes wear capes… some have dreads and beards…..

you can find Lakeland CBD online at:

Lakeland CBD Facebook

Check em out!

All my Love

CL xx