What does Halloween mean to you?

Pumpkin carving? Apple Dunking? Trick or Treating? Making costumes for the kids?

This year I’ve experienced a Halloween Treat for us lasses!

Halloween is my favourite time of year; it’s probably my inner 15 year old goth trying to get out and celebrate all things spooky and dark. Either way, I treat Halloween like Christmas! I love decorating the house, getting dressed up and carving pumpkins with the Mister (and of course pushing his head under the water when he takes his turn at apple dunking! It never fails to amuse me!)

This year, I’ve been treated to a new way of using pumpkins in the form of a facial courtesy of Uglee Betties at the Atlas works in Denton Holme Carlisle. Yes you read that right, pumpkins and facial in the same sentence!

Now I’m not a girlie girl by any means, I get my nails done for special occasions and I get my eyebrows waxed every now and again (yeah I’ll be honest, I get my moustache and beard done too!) but that’s really where it stops.

I was invited to Uglee Betties to experience an hour long facial with their new products by Dermaquest – A Pumpkin facial. Which is on offer at £28quid a pop until the end of October.

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Now, I’ve always had skin problems, at 30 years old, I’ve got the skin of a spotty teenager and its worse around that time of the month. So I was quite excited about the prospect of talking to an expert about how I could improve me skin and what services and products they could recommend.

I had a facial many years ago that I got on a groupon deal but it was hardly anything to write home about and I’ll be honest, it didn’t really do anything to my skin… but it was a nice experience.

I arrived at Uglee Betties and Sarah my eyebrow woman took me into the treatment room and gave me a couple of forms to fill in about my problem areas, any issues I have with skin and to sign a disclaimer – all standard stuff. She then asked me to get on the bed, under the covers and to relax.

Sarah explained to me that the products she would be using would tackle my problem areas (the hormonal areas on my chin) and would refresh my skin and help clear my spots! Brilliant

What I didn’t expect is what would happen next.

She dimmed the lights, put on some soothing music and told me to relax….. relax… what does that mean??

For the next hour she used various products, a cleanser, the pumpkin scrub and it felt amazing. She warned me it would tingle a wee bit but that’s how I knew it would be working.

When she put the facemask on, she treated me to a shoulder and head massage. I genuinely forgot where I was! It was amazing, I never realised how stressed and tense I was until I felt my troubles melting away with each stroke of the massage. It was bliss, utter bliss.

After the articles I shared with you all last week about mental health, this has just become another tool in my mental health toolkit of how to look after myself. Taking time to relax and be looked after.

Us CumbrianLasses are by nature; carers, family means everything to us, and we go to the ends of the earth for them…. and we don’t mind doing it! But be honest with yourself, when was the last time you did something for you? just for you? I run around that much i meet myself coming back, and I wouldn’t have it any other way but I’ve found myself in situations where i feel guilty when I stop and take 5.

Today, I experienced something much more than just a facial, it was an hour that I could take for myself and just be. Just be.

Not something I get to do very often. So for that I would like thank Sarah and Uglee Betties for helping me to reconnect with myself and reminding me that I am worth a bit of pampering.

The products Sarah used were by Dermaquest, and she tells me that the staff in Uglee Betties loved them when they tried them out and so got them in the salon, she says the products cater for all different types of skin and the staff are happy to sit and discuss your skin and its needs and help you find the right combination for you.

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And the end result…. My skin looked and felt amazing. It looked fresh, it had colour and It looked flawless – I was quite shocked at just how different it really looked.

Of course the sports were still there, they won’t go overnight, but 3 days later the colour is still there, my make- up seems to sit better on my skin and I can’t stop stroking my cheek!

So. this Halloween, when you’ve looked after everyone else, you’ve done the kids costumes, you’ve done battle in the kitchen with the pumpkins and you’ve drowned your fella during the apple dunk, take some time for yourself and go and get a pumpkin facial at Uglee Betties, I promise it’ll be worth it!

CumbrianLads, if you want to show your Mrs how much shes worth give Uglee Betties a ring a get her booked in – tell them CumbrianLass sent you and they’ll help you out!

I’m phoning up tomorrow to book in my next appointment! 01228 596868

Love CL